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CSModules in the repository

Check back every now and then for updates on the CSModules list and descriptions for the modules.


Parses media/ media tags and automatically renders <object /> markup for supplied URI.


Automatically assigns tags to posts on their update based on some keywords user gives as an XML file.


Enables you to set default properties (that are not configurable elsewhere in Community Server 2.0) for new users at registration.


Allows site admins to specify other applications to insert a user's signature into.


This CSModule gets the list of desired applications and the relative address of a text file which contains Ads Scripts/HTML codes and adds them to the end of all syndicated entries in RSS/Atom feeds of those applications.


Filters all posts for specific applications or whole site and compress them to make them quicker on page loads based on some repalcements in HTML tags and removing white spaces.

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