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adding a service to automedia module

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Dec 31, 2006 at 7:16 PM

I have automedia module installed on a CS 2.1
It works, but I would like to use a flash player ( which need some parameters.
I decided so to declare and define a new service in the communityserver.config file "mymedia"

in a blog I put mymedia:123456
the problem I have is that the parameter {0} is not interpreted in the mediaUrl, and I don't know why...

here is what I wrote:
<service name="mymedia" mediaUrl="{0}&autoplay=true" serviceUrl="\?playlisturl=(?'media'\d+)" width="400" height="170" type="swf" />

if someone could help me to create the correct syntax I would appreciate very much.

Thank's to you.